The Bear Crossing

Written by West Hernanado CS on .

The Bear Crossing APRIL 2017

Biblical Perspective

Parents, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged. (Colossians 4:21)

             First, an honest confession. I have an awesome, strong-willed, two-year-old daughter, and because I am a sinful (AKA, occasionally impatient) human, my wife has had to kindly tell me on a couple of occasions that I have may have overreacted a bit when my daughter seems more interested in coloring than in putting on her shoes when we are running late to get somewhere. Our daughter is only two years old after all. That leads to a subsequent apology to my daughter and me being frustrated with how easily I get frustrated (that makes sense right?).

Now, granted, none of us are perfect parents, which means that it should not be strange for our children to occasionally hear us apologize or admit to our own shortcomings and failures.  However, it is important to recognize that as parents we have the sacred responsibility of encouraging our children in the Lord, and we put that at stake when we “provoke our children,” intentionally or not. It is one thing to firmly and fairly discipline a child as a way to lovingly correct them; that is good Christian parenting. It is something entirely different though to discipline a child or react negatively simply because their behavior is annoying or inconvenient.

Next time you are tempted to be impatient with your children remember the immense patience that your Father in heaven has shown you.

Exciting Update

I love celebrating when your kids do well, which is why I am excited about something that we are going to be doing for our elementary students this quarter. It has been said by many astute leaders and observers of human behavior that what gets rewarded gets repeated. So, in order to   reward and reinforce positive behavior among our elementary students (and give them some extra incentives for the 4th quarter), we are going to be having three celebrations that students will have the opportunity to participate in if they exhibit consistent positive behavior. We will provide you with   additional information soon, but for now I will simply tell you that our first event is going to be a paper airplane competition on April 7th!

Academic Tip

When was the last time you enjoyed some outdoor time with your kids? I want to encourage you to do something fun outdoors this week! There are so many academic and non-academic benefits to spending time exploring nature outside with your kids. I mean let’s be honest, none of us think it is good for our kids to be in front of a screen all the time (although the temptation is all too real when there is a never-ending list of responsibilities to accomplish). The fresh air and the break from constant novel stimuli is a great way for kids to have a chance for their brains to refresh at the end of a long day of school.