The Bear Crossing

Written by West Hernanado CS on .

The Bear Crossing February 2018

Biblical Perspective

The Lord had said to Abram, "Go from your country, your people, and your father’s household to the land I will show you."
Genesis 12:1

Sometimes God takes us into new places and new seasons. Abram (later renamed Abraham) was comfortable where he was. He was old. He had a home and a family. He felt like he belonged where he was. Then God told him to leave it all behind for something else. He probably felt fear and uncertainty. He probably bristled at the thought of giving up his comforts for additional hard work. But it was worth it.

God does the same thing with us sometimes. He changes things on us. He takes us somewhere new. He removes us from somewhere old. He makes the place we are different than it once was. It feels uncomfortable and wrought with fear and uncertainty. Yet these new seasons and new places lead us to something specific and better that God has for us. The journey is harder than if everything had just stayed the same, but it is worth it. Following God’s will always is.

Be encouraged that God’s ways often leave us feeling uncertain, afraid, or uncomfortable. However, His ways are always good.

Health Tip

We are glad to see that most of our school families have finally won the battle with the flu! Now is still a good time to review basic health and hygiene habits with your kids. Since nobody wants a second round of sickness, make sure you continue to remain diligent with frequent hand washing, disinfecting high contact surfaces, keeping hands away from the face, not sharing items unnecessarily, etc.

Our teachers and staff have been diligent in our efforts on campus to keep germs at bay by disinfecting and sanitizing things regularly. Thank so many of you who offered to help wipe down desks or donated extra Lysol products.

We are praying for your good health!


In His Service & Yours,

David W. Hand II