Mrs. Marla Blakemore

MarlaBlakemoreRecognizing that the teacher is entrusted with someone’s child for many hours a day, it is imperative that the teacher train in the ways of righteousness and applications of learning that reinforce a Christ centered faith and destiny. I have known the Lord as Savior since elementary age; I attended public school and graduated in 1973. My Christian college experience was significant to my personal faith-walk and destiny. I met a “preacher-boy”. Following his Church History doctorate and my Women’s Physical Education faculty years, we assumed the pastorate of a small Bible church in Chicago.

There in Chicago we learned of home-schooling and pursued that for our family of seven (5 sons & 2 daughters). My husband died of cancer in 1995, and I remained at that church for 11 years, home-schooling my children. In 2006 I moved to Spring Hill as many of my children were enrolled at Clearwater Christian College, and I wished the family to remain close to each other. God brought WHCS into my life for my last son, David, and his high school years here were most profitable. I completed my Masters in Educational Leadership in December 2010 and prayed about my next group of students, now that my children were into careers and college. I I have been teaching at WHCS in the Jr and Sr high classrooms of Earth Science, Bible, and Language Arts since 2012.